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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 14, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman, it is friday, and you're watching "right this minute." it's a -- we might want to get out. >> bracing for a tornado in
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virginia. people share their moment-by-moment experience from the first run for cover. >> tornado! >> to the light at the end of the double rainbow. she may look like a grandmother, but her age is shocking. >> this woman is 26 years old. >> what? hear what her family claims happened. women search forever for the best-fitting jeans. but what about jackets? we've got the best ones for your body type. and see the guy who almost made it to the top. for the big crazy storm in virginia, strong winds, heavy rains, even tornado warnings and minutes after it started, we began searching youtube and found people with cameras that had already begun uploading video. "right this minute," let's tell the story through their words and pictures. >> the following is a tornado watch announcement from the national weather service. >> me and my mom were just sitting in the house and she
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yelled at me to come into the living room. and this is happening. >> tornado. that is a tornado. look at that! i can't believe it. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> get the hell out of the way! >> oh my god. >> okay, guys, heads up. >> woo hoo, baby! >> those are acorns hitting the top of the deck i'm under. >> there's a tornado watch. it's not good. >> it's crazy! >> yeah, this isn't a good spot
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to be, right under the bridge. >> yup. god -- >> you know -- >> let's pretend we're at the carnival or the state fair and play the game -- guess the age. how old do you think this woman is? >> 72. >> 77. >> i'm going to go with 65. >> you are all way, way over. this woman is 26 years old. >> what? >> apparently, allegedly she looks like this because of a medical condition. i first saw this story on asia i health and the stories are coming to us from she ate seafood, had an itchy rash on her face, she took some
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meds, they didn't work. went to a doctor, took some pills for dermatitis, her face swelled up and she started getting hives on her skin. she turned to traditional chinese medical practitioneprac they gave her pills, but they were too expensive. her husband continues to be by her side. he quit his job to try to help her. they stopped trying to cure her condition. doctors say she's in perfect health otherwise. >> this awe from eating seafood? >> that's what the report says. >> it could just be an elaborate hoax. >> i don't know, i don't think this is fake. >> fortunately for her, after the story became public, a lot of medical experts are coming forward, offering to help. hopefully can lessen the condition. a middle school in ocala, florida, was plagued by a series
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of crappyvents? in the month of september, teachers would come to school and in this one particular portable classroom. they would find poop right by their entrance. >> like, dog poop? >> poop. and it happened four more times, finally they called the police department. the police department sets up a camera to try to figure out what is going on. >> oh, my goodness. so it's manpoop? >> what's he doing? i know what he's doing, but what is he doing? >> was that a fist of toilet paper in his hand? did he bring his own toilet paper? >> i'm so glad you said that, i thought he was eating a sand whip. it was really bothering me. >> police released this video with the intention of capturing him. they released it, finally arrested him. he's been charged with five counts of trespassing.
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hard-core head-banging. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hold up, everybody, i got an update on the phoenix jones story i told you about earlier this week. the real-life superhero in seattle got into a little bit of trouble. he was trying to break up what he thought was a fight. he used some pepper spray and police said uh-uh, they arrested
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him. he was in court yesterday with his trademark black and gold mask on. charges weren't filed against him. >> i will continue to patrol. i'll be out there with my team tonight. i'll inviting the city to join me in my patrol saturday at 10:00. >> and he revealed himself. >> i'm phoenix jones, i'm also ben voter. i check the city, i'm also a father. i also am a brother. i'm just like everyone else. the only difference is, i decided to make a difference to stop crime in my neighborhood, in my area. >> i told reporters that the charges were false and the video he has to prove it. if they did charge him with something, it wouldn't matter, because he would just bust through the roof or the walls. you know he can't, because he's not a real superhero. he's just a guy in a suit. >> i'll be in the streets.
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victoria jackson, she was an actress on "saturday night live," she's back and she's ready to occupy wall street. and i'll let her tell you why. >> i asked the protesters what they're protesting. i think they are against capitalism and i think capitalism is a great thing. that's how our country got to be so the best in the world. >> so she wants to go to occupy wall street. she says she's a member of the tea party. she's now a conservative christian. and she wants to know what their problem is with capitalism. >> you're not concerned that he's a marxist? >> you're speaking to a democratic socialist. so i don't believe he's a marxist. >> obama is a marxist and he's stirring up racial divides and class warfare on purpose. >> make it stop. make her awfully annoying voice
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stop. >> she could be saying, like steven your show is the best ever. >> i'm actually tired of hearing either side just use key words that they've heard over and over again on the media. they say that all the time and he's anything but. >> socialist, marxist, class warfare, racial divide, all the words that they're using just to divide people more and make people more fearful and more hateful and more polarized. >> you vote for obama and he's the one who -- and back with the corporations? >> stop, make it stop. >> this national hockey league psa supports fighting cancer. we can all get behind that, right? >> this is cancer psa who boos a cancer psa? >> the answer is -- philadelphia. we'll tell you why. and, when is a turkey a
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burglar? wh
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see, this story is for you. you probably know this -- philadelphia sports fans are known for -- >> their hustle. >> they're sticking to that reputation with what just happened at a philadelphia flyers game. during one of their period breaks, a psa showed on the jumbotron. it was a psa called hockey fights cancer. and it featured pittsburgh penguins center, sidney crosby. >> hockey fights cancer is teaming up with leukemia and lymphoma society. >> this psa comes on the jumbotron and fans start booing. >> sidney crosby is arguably the best player in the league, definitely in the top three. philadelphia fans hate his guts, they hate him. they actually like to have that sort of stigma of these kind of crude fans. they love having that reputation. and if you're going to boo a psa
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about cancer just because sidney crosby is in it -- i don't know. >> this is hockey! >> this is a canner psa who boos that? >> i understand that. i get where the philadelphia passion is coming from. >> do you think that maybe the booing started before they realized what the psa was? they just saw the guy come up on the screen? >> i think that's giving them a little too much leeway, how hard would it be not to boo a cancer support ad. >> i would text hsc to 45678. they need it because god knows philadelphia is not going to come through. i want you guys to go on a cruise with me and let's go on the insulite bar and we're going to order a martini. let's order 12 so everybody on the staff can have one. >> or i could just have 12.
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watch how this bartender prepares 12 martinis at the same time. >> what? >> what? >> cool, huh. >> and they're different kinds. >> exactly. >> that is literally the most impressive thing i've ever seen. >> that's like some mary poppins of martinis. they're all coming out different colors. it's like a magic trick all in one and it makes you feel good at the end of it. >> he got the curve just right. he had to be able to know where to place the glasses. where they were going to fall. i want to know how many times he practiced. like did he show up with two, then go to three. >> i like how he's got like a spotter. two guys really spotting him. like he's lifting weights, making sure he doesn't fall or knock anything over. this is awesome. >> this is an incredible feat to fill 12 glasses in a row at the
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same time. >> i would like to give that guy a hive five, that's for sure. here's something you don't see every day. a high-flying turkey intruder. basically what happened is that the turkey broke into the home of kathy ganzer and her daughter, schara. he has to fly or somehow jump two feet high, break their window and their screen. and get into their porch. >> the turkey, maybe if something scared it, he could have flown into the window. >> the homeowner thinks something scared it a lot and the adrenaline from being scared made it do that. they came home, no major damage, he was just hanging out on the couch. all he was missing with a warm cozy blanket and a book. >> all he's missing is some gravy and mashed potatoes. a turkey dinner came to them. >> they let it go. >> this guy got lucky.
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his luck may run out in a few weeks. woo! >> what the? >> time -- you got to clean the dirty bath. >> hey, mom? >> my diapers -- >> i smell like pee. i don't like my bath. i don't like it. >> baby nara gets a bath, bath, bath. >> we show a ton of trick shot videos. on "right this minute." but the originators on the trick shot video are the guys from dude perfect. in their latest video they've teamed up with brody smith, a
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two-time national ultimate frisbee champion and it is trending big-time on youtube. >> we do basketball and i do frisbee, let's do it. ♪ ♪ >> get in! get in! >> oh, my god! >> get out of here. >> it's almost like they're playing horse. one guy is using a frisbee, one guy is using a basketball. when i see this kind of stuff, i think there's no way that they're this good. i don't know how could you say it's fake. there's one shot, the camera is not moving. he got it from a trampoline. they literally don't take time to even take aim. he threw that ball back and forth between his legs, turned
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around and it went out of his hands. he rolled a basketball into a garbage can, not a big deal. but roll a frisbee that far and get it to go in a can? there's no way to fake that. >> that's insane. >> throw it. that's good! [ laughter ] a catchy musical collection of songs, but there's something missing. ♪ ♪ you're sure to be humming after you hear this. you've heard of a scent of a woman. but this kid has captured the scent of a man well.
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♪ mi zapato how did i do? >> i would give awe 12. ladies, i have some great shopping tips for fall. everybody needs to dress for them. this definitely proves that. >> my number one rule is don't fall victim to a trend. you really have to do what works best for you. >> this video from yahoo's web series, "the thread" talks all about dressing for your body type. which is so important. we're all buying new clothes for fall and we all need to warm up in this chilly weather. and these coats will help you stay warm and stay looking good. the first one is for the tall and thin lady. a double-breasted a-line coat. it's fitted and flared at the
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bottom, so it gives you some volume. so if you're boyish in your shape, you'll get a little bit of volume down there. we have found all of these styles in affordable options from all over the web, so it's easy for you to click and buy it. >> the next one is for the hourglass shape, a lot of women have this figure, it's pretty typical. this one is a really pretty white trench. it's dramatic, it's classic and it stretch as little bit. so you'll get a little bit of shape with the tie waist and really show your beautiful hourglass figure. the last one is for the petite ladies, sometimes they get forgotten. but you can use a cropped jacket. you'll see legs, length and you'll get proportion. and i like the motorcycle jacket for that. trying to find something that fits your body type is so hard. so getting advice and pointers like this is so important. >> apparently i've been wearing the wrong kind of coat for many years. >> that means we get to go
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shopping. >> for the complete list of jan jackets, just jump on for the rest of the information. this video will make you smile, it will make uh-huh, it will make you happy. >> we've got manfred man's "do wah diddy"". >> van morrison's "brown-eyed girl." >> what you're watching are the musical styles of jane lieu wi, john than batiste and if you notice something special about this video, she's singing a lot of different songs that we recognize, but there are no real lyrics. roberta flack's "killing me softly." "right this minute" we have this lead vocalist, jane louie,
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via skype. how did you come up with the idea and how long did it take you to figure out which songs to use? >> joe safia is a guy who lives in new york. he found me through youtube and decided this would be a fun project for us to do together. the three of us met in new york and it took us two hours to kind of run through it and literally five minutes before we had to get kicked out of the studio. we got it. >> i'm so impressed that you did it all in one take. you almost lost it when hanson came on. ♪ ♪ i don't think anyone could ever have it when hanson comes on. ♪ ooh wop >> we know for this economy to recover, we need to create more jobs, this can be done one child at a time.
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this kid i'm going to introduce you to started his own business. man can. >> i ced st. lling candles for school and i realized how much i hated those girlie candles. >> i had this idea years ago, i swear to god, i never did it i with a going to call it man scents. [ coughing ] >> you got trumped by a kid. >> i did, i got man cans. >> i like man cans even better. >> i've got so many scents. >> i can tell this guy. "right this minute," we have hart maine via skype. as you can hear, nick is excited about your scents and he has some suggestions what are they? >> all right, hart, get a pen and paper, okay? chain saw exhaust. jet fuel, motor oil. >> so you're the ceo. but your mom does some work. tell us how the breakdown goes?
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>> my mom does a lot of the making of the candles and processing the orders. my guy does a lot of emails and customer service stuff. and then i help out with a lot of those. >> how much candles have you sold so far? >> we sold around 10,000. >> whoa! >> and they the sell for 9.50 apiece. >> you have the environment in mind when it comes to man cans. how are you keeping it green? >> the cans we have, they're recycled cans that have been donated to soup kitchens. the soup kitchens use the soup cans and feed the hungry with the soup and we get the can back. >> hart, you're incredible and what a great business you have created at such a young age. he's going to rule the world. another rule wedding. she loves her king. he loves his queen. and he really, really likes -- the king.
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yeah. that king. that's not an accident that he looks like elvis. time for a dog's tale. a, story. >> what's so sweet about this and what's so cute about it is not the puppies, it's what harvey the english sheepdog is doing.
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a student gets into trouble because of his hair? >> the teacher called me out of class. she asked me to step outside. >> it's what the school did next that will really shock you. sometimes i wish i hour game shows were just like japanese game shows. >> see how this game show is like a real-live "jeopardy." >> is that an old lady? it's feeding time for hungry cats. [ meows ] >> the guy who posted this took a lot of flack.
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now, he reveals the story behind the video. and forget fried koolaid, the newest state fair treat may be too hard to swallow. school dress codes can be pretty strict in some states. sheldon williams found out the hard way he goes to school in marshall junior high school in texas. he's the picture of uniform conformity. his shoes on, school jersey. until you get to his hair cut. he was kind of surprised when he got pulled out of class. tell me what you see. it's like a crew cut. he has a couple of like lines. >> it's very common in urban communities. >> right. well the high school handbook says that designs shaved into the hair are strictly prohibited. >> hmm. >> it's not like it was a gang sign. it was two lines. >> that's really not the whole issue of the story. okay, you could understand if he broke the school dress code. that needs to be addressed. it's the way the school
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addressed the problem that's the real hot button here. they took a sharpie and they colored in one of the lines on his head. >> what? >> yeah. >> are you kidding me? >> mom is hot. >> to just take the initiative and to say, i'm just going to color in his hair with a permanent marker, that was very disrespectful. >> she should be. you don't take a sharpie and mark on a kid's head because you don't like the design. >> the school says they should have called the parents about this. his hair is short, but you could still cut it maybe a little bit shorter and get rid of the lines. a sharpie is a little ridiculous. >> that was the first thing the school should have thought of. hey, you're breaking a rule here, why don't you go home and fix the problem. >> i don't want no sharpie marker in my hair. this is some of the first video coming out of bali, where a 6.0 earthquake hit early
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thursday morning. this is a video camera that was set up in a woman's home. [ scream ] >> u hr t is shaking, the objects are shaking. you can hear the house shaking. >> why is there a camera set up in the living room? >> my first thought was maybe it was one of those security cams that people keep on that are in a vase or a teddy bear. 43 people were taken to local hospitals, including five who suffered some pretty serious injuries. the quake had a depth of 38 miles. but the good news is, that no tsunami warning was issued. indonesia is in the so-called ring of fire, a huge arc that is prone to earthquake and volcanic activity and they're right in it. usually when earthquake starts, i have to remember that's an earthquake. she didn't waste any time getting the heck out of there. our soldiers who are fighting in afghanistan, tough guys. but private first class richard
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guillamette, 20 years old from maine, fighting in afghanistan. went to get his hair cut and mistakenly the barber started hacking away at his eyeblrows, first he was hold up a second. but then he kind of liked how they were done. it turns out he decided to get it done a couple more times, and this is a trend among soldiers. now, eyebrow shaping is forbidden for muscle men. but one of the barbers there, who is a muscle man, he is okay with doing this procedure. he does one to two u.s. soldiers per day. i came across this article by michael n. phillips of the "wall street journal." now nick, i know you battle, you battle the eyebrows. >> i have some overactive eyebrows, i can't be critical here. i think it would be a little silly. i think it would be --
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>> if you look good and feel good, maybe that keeps them tough on the battlefield. they're threading the eyebrows, shaving the eyebrows. >> the only thing i think they should get under control is the unibrow thing. >> you can't look like bert. sometime i wish our game shows were just like japanese game shows. >> ooh! >> ooh! >> what the --? is that an old lady? >> i have contestants, they have to go up a ramp of stairs. and the catch is that they're completely covered in slime. >> gee. >> i love it. >> i like the one guy in a full suit. >> wipe out! >> he wipes out everybody. >> not only are they covered in slime. they're also having balls thrown at them. water balls. >> oh! >> it looks like they're having his balls. >> not only are they sliding down the stairs. but when they hit the bottom, there's a pool of slime that
4:36 pm
they fall into. >> it's impossible to win this game. these guys at the top have like big red blobs. how do you win? >> you're watching the winner. he is taking them all out. one at a time. i think he figured out if he holds onto the side rail he can grab the other guys and they've got nothing to hold on to. so -- >> mystery. >> extra point. >> that's like the culmination of the challenge you have to take this person who is in a bed up the very top and slide them down. and everybody goes sliding down and finally when they get to the bottom. somebody is declared a winner and there you go. >> another royal wedding just happened. but this time, it happened in the kingdom of bhutan. this is from al jazeera. >> hello, she's really pretty. >> she's really pretty. >> the thing that's cool about this wedding. the king is 31 years old. he came into power in 2008. he married a 21-year-old bride
4:37 pm
and she's a commoner. she's the daughter of an airline pilot. >> ah. and the thing that's so fantastic about this wedding, it was televised all over the kingdom of bhutan and these guys just were introduced to television in 1999. >> he met her for the first time when she was seven years old. he was 17, she was seven. they were at a family picnic. and in that moment he actually got down on one knee there and said, if when you're old enough, you are not married, i want you to be my bride. >> i don't think there's any wrong with, yeah, they first met, he was 17, she was seven. she grew up into this beautiful woman and he said, i remember i met you when you were so little, let's get married. but he proposed to her when she was seven? he did this same thing to like 50 7-year-olds and he waited to see who grew into the pretty one. >> maybe his soul spoke to him. >> i want to point out his hair.
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doesn't he look just like elvis. >> that's not an accident. this king is a huge fan of the king. >> i will think that's weird every day of the week. this is from occupy wall street, yes, i know, but this is the hot chicks. >> i can get down with that. >> filmmaker realized there's more going down here at these protests than just talking about finances and banking problems, you know? there's some pretty cute girls down here. he decided to put together a little video and capture the sexy side of occupy wall street. >> the one thing and i'm going to go positive on you here. these women are part of occupy wall street because they believe in something and they are part of something and they are trying to make a difference. if they're beautiful, great. if they're not beautiful, great. they are part of a movement.
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>> i like the fact that these women don't look like barbie dolls. >> i like them all. they can protest outside of my apartment. they can protest if i play my music too loud. they can protest outside my window, like turn it down, steven! >> a hill climb competition turns in a tumbling descent. but did this guy survive a zune disaster. a classic '80s
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you guys are going to flip out. when i show you this next video. this is from arab motor tv, the sand race in the uae. it looks like kind of like a slalom race, these guys are flying up a sand dune and some modified suv here, look at this thing, man, that's blown out. these guys are ripping and roaring through the sand. getting through the flags. but watch what happens. guys -- >> whoa. >> obviously takes a wrong turn. messes something up. but he's on a hill. >> he's going all the way down. >> he's coming all the way down, flipping over the dunes. more than a dozen times this guy rolls his vehicle down the hill. flips over and over and over to the bottom of the sand dune. of course, everybody is coming to his rescue. they get the guy out somehow he
4:43 pm
finds somehow he's fine. driver wasn't injured. tell us why he's fine. because that thing over the top is called a roll cage. that's what it's designed for. >> do you see how the roll cage is flattened? >> yeah. hmm. >> that's how he survived, because that was there. >> it's not a very good roll cage if it's just -- blll. >> i'm just crushed that the car is so mangled, really, bummer. >> that's your first reaction? >> kind of bummed about that. >> it's going to take a lot of q-tips to get the sand out of his ears. i am a jellyfish. >> uh. ♪
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"footloose" is coming out tonight, the remake, i'm super pumped and it just got a whole lot more fun for me because my favorite nail polish decorator just came out with a new collection of colors inspired by "footloose." it was inspired by the acid-washed jeans for the original movie. the collection was inspired by the remake and the original. because she loves those so much. there's also a playful color called "almost paradise" inspired by the iconic vw vehicle. >> "almost paradise" is what they were slow-dancing to at the high school dance. >> there's another one called "footloose" appropriately, a bright-red color inspired by, guess what -- ariel's red boots.
4:45 pm
the red cowboy boots. the last color is called dancing in the sheets and it is a shimmery purple color. that one is inspired by the glittering confetti that comes down in the final scene of the first movie when they all dance at the end. when the band ban is lifted and they get to go wild. you can get two bottles in the collection for $32. you can get them on the hsn website for $28.75. instead of the regular $32. so you can get a little bargain in there. >> a real deal. you want maggots on that burger? you heard right. it's the latest in state fair food. and, a foster
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this is a doggone cute video. ♪ ♪ >> what's so sweet about this and what's so cute about it, the black and white dog is harvey, a 3-year-old english sheepdog. and the two little black puppies, those are foster puppies. they're labs mixed with rottweillers. the family just rescued these puppies, and the old english sheepdog took on the role of daddy. here he comes with a little toy in his mouth. saying come on, guys, i'm going to teach you how to play. come on! >> definitely different kinds of
4:49 pm
dogs. but, hey, man, i got to teach you young pups how to play. >> they're playing, he's so gentle with them. and they love him. very cute. he's got a really sick haircut, this harvey. look at that mop top, that's awesome! it would be cool if these two little puppies grew up and admired harvey so much that they got harvey wigs. and the little puppies got wigs that looked like harvey, harvey heads, that would be cool. i'd like to see that. when you go to the state fair, what do you eat? corn dogs! >> me, too. >> the big, big, humungous turkey legs. >> funnel cakes? >> i would say funnel cakes. >> at the arizona state fair they've got some new foods i want to tell but. how about deep-fried wedge of
4:50 pm
watermelon? >> i like it. >> or how about this? >> what is that? >> is that like meal worms? >> those are maggots. deep-fried maggot burger. >> wow. >> yes, the deep-fried maggot melt, that's what they're calling that. >> people are eating this? >> we'll see. these are peanut butter pops. deep-fried peanut butter. >> a big difference between peanut butter and worms, that's for sure. >> we have deep-fried captain crunch and fruity pebbles, deep-fried koolaid. deep fried bubblegum. deep-fried gravy. i don't know how many heart attacks that's going to cause. >> how does one deep-fry koolaid? >> i learned about this from another state fair. they put koolaid in batter and fry it up. >> that sounds like the perfect con temporary fair food now. i would like to try all of it. at least once.
4:51 pm
this is one of the coolest campaign tourism videos i've seen in a while. the campaign is called inspired by iceland. it's where iceland is inviting people to come to their country. but they're literally individuals are inviting people to come to their country. even the president. >> my name is oliver and i live here at the presidential residence with my wife, doris. and like other icelanders we are going to invite you to visit our home. we will give you delicious pancakes with cream and sugar. >> i will show you how we make our islandic sweater. >> we are going kayaking. >> i want to invite you to a very special concert in your hotel room. >> we want to cook for you some icelandic salmon. >> those are real icelanders inviting you do their everyday life to visit iceland. they did it last year where icelanders visited their friends and family to visit.
4:52 pm
and it boosted tourism. >> i wanted that one gentleman cooking for me. >> i wouldn't mind him cooking for me. >> you can go to there's a little facebook column where you can type in and say, hey, i'll pick you up on that. >> i think most people when they want to go on a ray indication, they want to go somewhere warm and nice where they can drink something with an umbrella in it. >> how many times can you talk about a vacation, i went to iceland and the president of the country made me pancakes. this guy's got a room full of kids. pretty cute, right?
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probably get him and i'm looking forward to the movie. i don't know if this video is going do make you laugh or if it's going to make you cry. it depends if you're a cat-lover or a cat hater. but take a look at this. [ meowing ] >> that's a lot of cats.
4:57 pm
and not only -- >> is this like wearing tighty whities? >> this video comes from the ukraine and this is a man breeds cats. the title of the video is my insane hungry cats. and exactly like the title says, it's just a bunch of hungry cats. >> it's going to give me nightmares, this is weird. [ meowing ] >> what's with their ears? >> these cats are american curl cats because of the way their ears curl. >> i missed the whole first part of the cats because of the man in the corner with the tighty whiteys. >> can we roll the man with the junk back? >> and black socks. >> who posted this video? >> well because he is a breeder and he wants people to see his
4:58 pm
cats. >> and buy them. >> can't he throw a pair of shorts on? >> maybe this is a front for something else. >> does this guy seem like a cat hoarder to you? i know he's a breeder. but he's got them all running around his house and screaming. >> a lot of people are in the video, clearly they are hungry. and he is not feeding them and there are so many of them. he claims he is a breeder. he is taking good care of them. [music] good care of them. >> that's for our show today, everybody, thanks so much for joining us. we'll leave you one last look of the head-banging bear. ♪ ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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a man shot in a downtown gauge while coming back from seeing his doctors for a previous attack. a sec piece of mail showed up up at a detention center where it made one woman sick. a mom and her daughter confronted by a would be robber what mom did that got the robber to leave before he 5ícou get money. we start first with today's weather. it's gorgeous now but a stormy day. this is a strong storm producing hail. we've seen off and on storms all day, sunshine and rain, it is done? we turn to meteorologist, wyatt everhart with your first forecast. >> i think we are looking pretty good the rest of the night st


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